2022 Workflow Orchestration Survey Report

By Gradient Flow.

The State of Orchestration Survey ran online from February 6 to April 4, 2022. A total of 581 respondents from a variety of industries participated. This survey was conducted in collaboration1 with Prefect.

Modernizing an organization’s data infrastructure is increasingly difficult without an orchestrator. At a high-level, these are tools that enable data scientists, data engineers and developers to write, schedule, monitor, and manage pipelines. In the early stages of gathering and unlocking data assets, bespoke orchestrators may be sufficient. But as teams build and deploy more data and AI products and services, dataflow automation tools become essential.

  • Usage of orchestration: 43% of respondents stated that they use an orchestrator to handle over half of all recurring tasks.
  • Key use cases: 29% of all respondents chose data science as their primary use case for orchestration, making it the most popular use case overall. Data/ML Engineers designated Data Movement (21%) and Data Transformation (14%) as key use cases.

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2022 Workflow Orchestration Report
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[1] This survey is part of a collaboration between Gradient Flow and Prefect. See our Statement of Editorial Independence.