Responsible AI in Practice: A virtual event

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As interest in machine learning and AI continues to grow, companies are realizing the complexities inherent not only in the technology itself, but in the responsible implementation of the technology. Responsible AI is a framework that brings together best practices around fairness, transparency, accountability, security, privacy, safety, and reliability.

That’s why we presented our first webinar about Responsible AI. This free, virtual event brought together experts who shared best practices honed from extensive real-world experience in areas around Fairness, Security, and Compliance.  [This event took place December 15, 2020 (10:00 – 11:15 a.m. PT). Register to watch it on-demand and learn more about how to implement responsible AI in your organization.]


Understanding (and Avoiding) AI Liabilities in Practice

Andrew Burt​ is managing partner at, a boutique law firm focused on AI and analytics, and chief legal officer at Immuta. He is also a visiting fellow at Yale Law School’s Information Society Project. Previously, Andrew was Special Advisor for Policy to the head of the FBI Cyber Division, where he served as lead author on the FBI’s after action report on the 2014 Sony data breach, in addition to serving as chief compliance and chief privacy officer for the division.

Fairness in AI Systems: Context-Driven Measurement

What do we mean when we call an AI system ‘fair’? In this talk, Dr. Chowdhury will discuss the challenges in implementing ‘fair’ AI; specifically the need to engage different stakeholders in creating successful algorithmic audits. What are the challenges data science teams face when mitigating biases and ensuring fairness, and how can we resolve these challenges?

Dr. Rumman Chowdhury is the CEO and founder of Parity, an enterprise model assessment platform that uses language processing AI to automate risk identification. She is a data scientist and social scientist, and formerly served as Accenture’s Global Lead for Responsible AI. Dr. Chowdhury is a globally recognized leader in Responsible AI – learn more at

Securing AI and Machine Learning Systems

Yishay Carmiel is a recognized global expert in machine intelligence and natural language understanding. A seasoned technology entrepreneur, Yishay has a successful track record and vast experience building, launching, and growing disruptive AI-driven revenue generating products and services across startups and Fortune 500 companies. He currently leads conversational AI initiatives at Avaya, to which he joined as the founder of IntelligentWire, which was acquired by Avaya in 2018 and turned into Avaya Conversational Intelligence.

Prior to this, Yishay founded S-Infinity, which was acquired by Spoken Communications in 2015. Yishay is the author of numerous research papers in conversational artificial intelligence, machine intelligence, and deep learning, and has been recognized as a leading global expert in the field. In 2017, Yishay was chosen by SpeechTek Magazine as “Speech Luminary of the Year.” Yishay is a regular speaker on AI and Entrepreneurship.

Live Q&A and Panel

Paco Nathan will host an audience Q&A and moderate a panel featuring Andrew Burt, Rumman Chowdhury, and Yishay Carmiel. He is Managing Partner at Paco is known as a “player/coach”, with core expertise in data science, natural language, machine learning, cloud computing. He has 38+ years tech industry experience, ranging from Bell Labs to early-stage start-ups. Advisor for Amplify Partners, IBM Data Science Community, Recognai, KUNGFU.AI, and Primer.

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2020 Responsible AI In Practice
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