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Confidential Computing and Machine Learning

Measuring the popularity and exploring the readiness of Confidential Computing tools. In order to have a comprehensive data protection and privacy policy, organizations must ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data in these states: at rest, in use, and in transit. We previously reviewed the ecosystem of tools for protecting data while in use.Continue reading “Confidential Computing and Machine Learning”

Foundation Models: A Primer for Investors and Builders

A non-technical guide and market map. By Kenn So and Ben Lorica. What are foundation models? Foundation models (FM) are a class of machine learning models that are trained on diverse data and can be adapted or fine-tuned for a wide range of downstream tasks. The term “foundation” is controversial among some researchers, but setting asideContinue reading “Foundation Models: A Primer for Investors and Builders”

Summer of Orchestration

From the Data Exchange podcast, we present recent conversations with creators of popular open source data and machine learning orchestration frameworks. Modernizing an organization’s data infrastructure is increasingly difficult without an orchestrator. At a high-level, these are tools that enable developers to write, schedule, monitor, and manage pipelines. In the early stages of gathering andContinue reading “Summer of Orchestration”

Tech companies are gearing up for the Metaverse

Major technology companies are investing in the Metaverse. Enterprises should take early action to stay ahead of the curve. In the aughts, I was a user and proponent of earlier versions of virtual worlds (specifically of Second Life). Unfortunately, the technology was clunky and the user base never really grew beyond a few hundred thousandContinue reading “Tech companies are gearing up for the Metaverse”

A Guide to Data Annotation and Synthetic Data Generation Tools

Trends to consider when evaluating data annotation and synthetic data generation systems. As we noted in a recent post (“Machine Learning trends you need to know”) researchers are increasingly interested in tools and techniques for labeling, cleaning, augmenting, and enhancing datasets used by machine learning models. In fact, data scientists and machine learning engineers haveContinue reading “A Guide to Data Annotation and Synthetic Data Generation Tools”

7 must-attend Ray Summit sessions: RL-powered traffic control, infra-less ML, and more

By Jules S. Damji and Ben Lorica. Ray Summit is where the Ray community comes together to build, learn, and explore everything AI and more on Ray. This year, for the first in-person Ray Summit, we have a fantastic program of keynotes, breakout sessions, lightning talks, and meetup talks covering everything from developer deep dives and Ray use casesContinue reading “7 must-attend Ray Summit sessions: RL-powered traffic control, infra-less ML, and more”


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