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Experiment Tracking and Experiment Management Tools

Gauging the popularity of a new class of tools for machine learning. Individuals and teams who build machine learning models need tools to keep track of and analyze experiments they run. It can be very challenging to organize all the information needed to evaluate, identify, and reproduce specific experiments. In the course of building aContinue reading “Experiment Tracking and Experiment Management Tools”

Ranking Low-code Development Platforms

Measuring the popularity of low-code development tools and databases. Although the global economy is slowing, software developers and technical talent remain in high demand. What can companies do to broaden their technical talent pool and make their current developers productive so that they can accelerate time to market? The most common approach to upskilling is investingContinue reading “Ranking Low-code Development Platforms”

2022 Workflow Orchestration Survey Report

By Gradient Flow. The State of Orchestration Survey ran online from February 6 to April 4, 2022. A total of 581 respondents from a variety of industries participated. This survey was conducted in collaboration1 with Prefect. Modernizing an organization’s data infrastructure is increasingly difficult without an orchestrator. At a high-level, these are tools that enableContinue reading “2022 Workflow Orchestration Survey Report”

2022 Identity Management Survey Report

By Gradient Flow. The Identity Management Survey ran online in February/March 2022. Over 500 respondents from a variety of industries participated.. This survey was conducted in collaboration1 with Clear Skye. The proliferation of software services and platforms comes at a time when security threats and data breaches continue to grow. In addition, regulatory pressure andContinue reading “2022 Identity Management Survey Report”

The Business Intelligence Index

Measuring the popularity of BI tools In a recent post on trends in machine learning, we predicted that there will be more no-code/low-code ML tools available to non-programmers. The potential market for such tools is immense given that the number of analysts dwarf the number of data scientists and data engineers. Due to improvements inContinue reading “The Business Intelligence Index”

The Data Pegacorns

Introducing the Data $100M Revenue Club By Kenn So and Ben Lorica. The global economy has deteriorated since our last post on AI pegacorns (startups that have at least $100M in annual revenue). Rather than focusing solely on valuation, there has been a rapid revalidation of the importance of revenue scale. As a continuation ofContinue reading “The Data Pegacorns”


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