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top companies for the early-career stage

Top Places to Work for Data Scientists

We identify U.S. organizations that will help you develop your career in data science. By Jike Chong, Ben Lorica, and Yue Cathy Chang. What would constitute a good place to work for a data scientist? How do you think about it at different stages of your career? These are important questions to ponder as dataContinue reading “Top Places to Work for Data Scientists”

Taking Low-Code and No-Code Development to the Next Level

Low-Code and No-Code are already impacting software development and analytics, we describe what else is needed. By Assaf Araki and Ben Lorica Recent analyses of technical job postings in the US by Dice and CompTIA show demand for developers and software engineers growing rapidly year-over-year, from 2020 to 2021. Last year’s dip in the numberContinue reading “Taking Low-Code and No-Code Development to the Next Level”

2021 NLP Survey Report

By Ben Lorica and Paco Nathan. Our 2021 NLP Industry Survey report is informed by several important contrasts: organizations with years of history deploying NLP applications in production compared to those which are exploring NLP, responses from Technical Leaders versus general practitioners, and company size. We draw insights and indicate trends based on those contrasts.Continue reading “2021 NLP Survey Report”

Data Quality Unpacked

Companies have a pressing need for good data By Kenn So and Ben Lorica. As much as we loathe to repeat what has been written hundreds of times, we have to: the world is data driven. Companies gather more data about their customers to build better products, and those who can make use of thatContinue reading “Data Quality Unpacked”

An Enterprise Software Roadmap for Sky Computing

How the software market will evolve alongside Sky computing By Assaf Araki and Ben Lorica. Cloud computing is one of the fastest growing areas within the enterprise IT market.  A recent study estimates that the global market for cloud computing will grow from $371.4 billion in 2021 to $832.1 billion in 2025. Yet, we areContinue reading “An Enterprise Software Roadmap for Sky Computing”

Stages on the path to Intelligent Process Automation

The Road to Intelligent Process Automation

An overview of process automation engagement trends in the Fortune 1000 and beyond. By Ben Lorica and Jenn Webb Most companies today have deployed automation technologies to streamline business processes—billing and accounting tasks, marketing and sales tasks, and other repetitive tasks that don’t require much (if any) human input. As businesses begin to experiment withContinue reading “The Road to Intelligent Process Automation”


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