Point of View

Holistic Evaluation of Language Models

Stanford researchers develop tools to help understand language models in their totality. As general-purpose models become more prevalent and important, there’s a growing need for tools to help developers select what models are appropriate for their use case, and more importantly to help them understand the limitations of these models. As someone who uses theseContinue reading “Holistic Evaluation of Language Models”

The Stream Processing Index

Measuring the popularity of different stream processing tools. By Jesse Anderson and Ben Lorica. Streaming data is one of the most important areas in information technology today. The result has been that entrepreneurs have collectively raised more than $1.1 billion for stream processing startups. The ability to make informed decisions quickly and unlock enormous amountsContinue reading “The Stream Processing Index”

The Vector Database Index

Measuring the popularity of different Vector Databases. By Ben Lorica and Leo Meyerovich. Introduction Vector databases and vector search are on the radar of a growing number of technical teams. A key driver is that advances in neural networks have made dense vector representations of data more common. Interest has also grown due to theContinue reading “The Vector Database Index”

New open source tools to unlock speech and audio data

Introducing Lhotse, a Python library for handling speech data. By Piotr Żelasko, Jan Vainer, Tomáš Nekvinda, and Ben Lorica. Introduction Of the many voice applications for AI, speech recognition is the most widely known and deployed as a building block of voice assistants. Voice and speech recognition market alone is expected to grow from $9.4Continue reading “New open source tools to unlock speech and audio data”


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