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Machine Learning Trends You Need to Know

Insights and trends that will help you navigate the AI landscape. By Assaf Araki and Ben Lorica. Automation and democratization are on the rise AutoML tools are designed to automate the process of training and deploying machine learning. Such tools have progressed to the point where they can produce adequate models for many use cases.Continue reading “Machine Learning Trends You Need to Know”

Distributed Computing for AI: A Status Report

An update on the central role of distributed computing in modern AI. By Ben Lorica and Kenn So. In our previous post we introduced a class of AI startups (“pegacorns”) that have at least $100 million in annual revenue. Many of the AI pegacorns sell applications rather than infrastructure, and many of their founders citedContinue reading “Distributed Computing for AI: A Status Report”

Data+AI Summit 2022

This year’s Data + AI Summit is packed with more than 250 community sessions and keynotes presented by influential leaders in data and AI such as Peter Norvig, Daphne Koller, Andrew Ng and Hilary Mason, as well as some of the founders of Databricks, including Ali Ghodsi, Reynold Xin and Matei Zaharia. Sessions will span all keyContinue reading “Data+AI Summit 2022”

The AI $100M Revenue Club

Introducing the Pegacorn Club. By Kenn So and Ben Lorica. Nearly 600 companies became unicorns in 2021. It used to be a status that meant that a startup has graduated from being a startup and into a mature company worth being listed on the public stock market backed by revenue. In today’s climate becoming aContinue reading “The AI $100M Revenue Club”

2022 AI in Healthcare Survey Report

By Ben Lorica and Paco Nathan. Applications of AI in Healthcare ​pose a number of challenges and considerations which differ substantially from other business verticals. We conducted an industry survey specifically about AI in healthcare, to understand more about current trends and issues. A total of 321 respondents from 41 countries participated in the survey.Continue reading “2022 AI in Healthcare Survey Report”

The Data Integration Market

By Ben Lorica. As much as I like talking and writing about machine learning and AI,  I am equally keen to point out there are also many impressive1 startups in the data engineering and data infrastructure (DE) category. DE companies address fundamentals that need to be in place before companies can rely on reports andContinue reading “The Data Integration Market”


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