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What is DataOps?

The rise of tools and processes to manage and control data. By Assaf Araki and Ben Lorica. Data has emerged as an imperative foundational asset for all organizations. Data fuels significant initiatives such as digital transformation and the adoption of analytics, machine learning, and AI. Organizations that are able to tame, manage, and unlock theirContinue reading “What is DataOps?”

One Simple Chart: Data Engineering jobs in the U.S.

It’s been a few months since I looked at data on job postings. In my most recent post in Dec/2020 I focused on reinforcement learning (RL), which in terms of number of job postings, barely grew on a year-over-year basis. The good news is that it appears that employers are once again starting to postContinue reading “One Simple Chart: Data Engineering jobs in the U.S.”

Data Cascades: Why we need feedback channels throughout the machine learning lifecycle

A team from Google Research shares lessons learned from high-stakes domains. Data has been an undervalued component of AI development since the dawn of AI. We are now seeing the beginnings of a much-needed shift in how data is viewed. In a recent post, we described the growing interest in metadata management systems as aContinue reading “Data Cascades: Why we need feedback channels throughout the machine learning lifecycle”

2021 AI in Healthcare Survey Report

By Ben Lorica and Paco Nathan. Applications of AI in Healthcare ​pose a number of challenges and considerations which differ substantially from other business verticals. We conducted an industry survey specifically about AI in healthcare, to understand more about current trends and issues. A total of 373 respondents from 49 countries participated in the survey.Continue reading “2021 AI in Healthcare Survey Report”

2021 Business at the Speed of AI Report

By Ben Lorica and Jenn Webb. In this report, we consult with industry leaders who have extensive experience implementing AI technologies. They share insights and clear, practical advice gathered from building and managing world-class AI teams delivering some of the most widely used AI products. The big takeaway is that, with efficient and effective approaches,Continue reading “2021 Business at the Speed of AI Report”


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