Reports and white papers enable a deeper look into technologies and trends that highlight industry issues and user needs.  Gradient Flow provides reports that provide a comprehensive briefing on a topic.  Join our newsletter mailing list to be notified when new reports are available.

2020 NLP Industry Survey Report

The Natural Language Processing (NLP) Industry Survey was an online survey which ran for 41 days (July 5 to August 14, 2020). A total of 571 respondents from more than 50 countries completed the survey. A quarter of all respondents held technical leadership roles. Respondents were recruited via social media, online advertising, the Gradient Flow Newsletter, and through industry partners and contacts. You can download the 2020 NLP Industry Survey Report here.

2021 Trends in Data and AI

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2021 Report: AI and Data Trends
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Surveys provide an emphasis on numbers and data that can highlight critical insights and trends. Gradient Flow designs and conducts online surveys that address current hot topics in data and AI, with outreach to audiences that meet particular criteria. The final phase of a survey is a report with a detailed analysis of the survey results, along with key findings and recommendations.