Reports and white papers enable a deeper look into technologies and trends that highlight industry issues and user needs.  Gradient Flow provides reports that provide a comprehensive briefing on a topic.  Join our newsletter mailing list to be notified when new reports are available.

2023 Trends Report: Data, Machine Learning, and AI

This annual report on the latest advancements and opportunities in data, machine learning, and AI, contains 13 sections covering topics such as generative AI, large language models, data engineering, and looming regulations. The report offers a comprehensive understanding of the key technologies shaping the AI landscape in 2023 and beyond

2022 State of Workflow Orchestration

Modernizing an organization’s data infrastructure is increasingly difficult without an orchestrator. This report is based on a survey that drew close to 600 respondents, and details what solutions teams are using today, what they plan to use for future projects, and key features and use cases for orchestration systems.

2022 Identity Management Survey

The proliferation of software services and platforms comes at a time when security threats and data breaches continue to grow. In addition, regulatory pressure and organizational demands are increasing on business leaders and IT departments to protect access to critical corporate data and resources.  This report is based on a survey that drew over 500 respondents, and details key features and use cases for identity management systems.

2022 AI in Healthcare Survey Report

The 2022 AI in Healthcare Survey was an only survey that took place over 50 days, from January 13 to March 4, 2022. A total of 321 respondents from 41 countries participated. This is the second year we’ve conducted this survey and many of findings from the “2022 AI in Healthcare” survey held firm with some minor deviations. You can download the 2022 AI in Healthcare Survey Report here.

2022 Trends in Data and AI

Our annual compilation of trends to pay attention to in technologies, applications, and best practices pertaining to Data, Machine Learning, AI.  This report combines data sources, conversations, and interviews with researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs at forefront of applying these technologies across domains and industries

2022 Data Engineering Survey Report

We examine the changing landscape of data engineering challenges, tools, and opportunities. This report is based on a global online survey that drew 372 respondents. More than half of all respondents were Data Engineers or Data Architects. About 40% of all respondents work in organizations with more than a thousand employees.

2021 NLP Industry Survey Report

The 2021 NLP Industry Survey was a global online survey that ran for 65 days (from June 10 to August 13,2021). There were a total of 655 respondents from over fifty countries. More than a quarter of all respondents held Technical Leadership roles. 43% of all respondents come from the Asia-Pacific region, 31% come from the Americas, and 25% come from within the EMEA region.

2021 AI in Healthcare Survey Report

The 2021 AI in Healthcare Survey was an online survey which ran for 83 days (from December 7, 2020 to February 28, 2021). A total of 373 respondents from 49 countries participated in the survey. A quarter of all respondents (27%) held ​Technical Leadership​ roles. If you are planning to build language applications or natural language models, you should read this report. You can download the 2021 AI in Healthcare Survey Report here.

2021 Business at the Speed of AI Report

In this report, we consult with leaders from Shopify, Rakuten and others who have extensive experience implementing AI technologies. They share insights and clear, practical advice gathered from building and managing world-class AI teams delivering some of the most widely used AI products. We’re confident you’ll find their shared experiences applicable across industries and use cases. You can download the 2021 Business At The Speed Of AI Report here.

2021 Trends in Data and AI

At the beginning of each year, we take stock of the year’s technological developments in areas around big data, analytics, machine learning, and AI. We identify trends and share our predictions for where we’ll see growth and development in the coming year. 2021 will be year of steady progress toward better tools for developing and deploying machine learning and AI applications. We anticipate exciting new startups and open source projects focused on data engineering and IT infrastructure, and expect to see plenty of novel solutions in areas such as analytics and BI, data pipelines, data management, cloud computing, and hardware. You can download our 2021 Trends Report here.

2020 NLP Industry Survey Report

The Natural Language Processing (NLP) Industry Survey was an online survey which ran for 41 days (July 5 to August 14, 2020). A total of 571 respondents from more than 50 countries completed the survey. A quarter of all respondents held technical leadership roles. Respondents were recruited via social media, online advertising, the Gradient Flow Newsletter, and through industry partners and contacts. You can download the 2020 NLP Industry Survey Report here.


Surveys provide an emphasis on numbers and data that can highlight critical insights and trends. Gradient Flow designs and conducts online surveys that address current hot topics in data and AI, with outreach to audiences that meet particular criteria. The final phase of a survey is a report with a detailed analysis of the survey results, along with key findings and recommendations.