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2022 Trends in Data and AI

Subscribe • Previous Issues FREE Report: Trends in Data, Machine Learning, and AI This short guide identifies trends that will be relevant to organizations across all industries and sectors over the next 12-18 months. Download What is Graph Intelligence? In a new post with Leo Meyerovich of Graphistry, we highlight the current state of Graph Intelligence, a new technology category undergoing aContinue reading “2022 Trends in Data and AI”

Experimentation Tools; Surge in MLOps; 2021 Books

Subscribe • Previous Issues Data Exchange podcast Modern Experimentation Platforms:  Che Sharma is the founder and CEO of Eppo, an experimentation framework that integrates with modern data platforms (lakehouses and cloud data warehouses). Investors and engineers have created an abundance of companies that specialize in ML infrastructure and MLOps, while applications like experimentation have received little attention. The reason isn’t ignorance: numerousContinue reading “Experimentation Tools; Surge in MLOps; 2021 Books”

Confidential Computing; DataOps and MLOps

Subscribe • Previous Issues Get Ready For Confidential Computing A comprehensive data privacy and security policy involves protecting the confidentiality and integrity of data in any of these three states: at rest, in use, and in transit. In a new post with Intel Capital’s Assaf Araki, we describe the ecosystem of tools focused on protecting data while in use. Our primary focus is on ConfidentialContinue reading “Confidential Computing; DataOps and MLOps”

Gradient Flow #46: Smarter Language Models; Data Engineering Trends; Graph Intelligence

Subscribe • Previous Issues “It’s time for big data scientists to become social scientists, not just computer scientists.” – Justin Grimmer FREE Report: Data Engineering Survey Results We examine the changing landscape of data engineering challenges, tools, and opportunities. This report is based on a global online survey that drew 372 respondents. Download Data Exchange podcast Making Large Language Models Smarter  Continue reading “Gradient Flow #46: Smarter Language Models; Data Engineering Trends; Graph Intelligence”


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