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Scale, Scale, Scale

Subscribe • Previous Issues Distributed Computing for AI Kenn So of Shasta Ventures and I recently introduced a class of AI startups (“pegacorns”) that have at least $100 million in annual revenue. We found that more AI pegacorn founders cited proficiency in distributed systems compared to ML and AI. In this new post, we examine metrics that measure interest in distributed systemsContinue reading “Scale, Scale, Scale”

Revisiting the unicorn concept

Subscribe • Previous Issues The AI $100 Million Revenue Club Everyday there’s a new unicorn. It used to be a status that meant that a startup has graduated from being a startup and into a mature company worth being listed on the public stock market backed by revenue. In today’s climate becoming a unicorn is increasingly a signal of investor enthusiasm thanContinue reading “Revisiting the unicorn concept”

Data For AI

Subscribe • Previous Issues The Data Integration Market As much as I like talking and writing about machine learning and AI, the truth is that there are probably more impressive startups in the data engineering and data infrastructure (DE) category. DE companies address fundamentals that need to be in place before companies can rely on reports and metrics. Any organization wishing toContinue reading “Data For AI”

Supercharging Your Data and AI Platforms

Subscribe • Previous Issues Data Management Trends You Need to Know Intel Capital’s Assaf Araki and I both focus on data, analytics, and machine learning, thus we regularly hear pitches from startups building new data management solutions. Data management is a broad area that includes solutions for different workloads, data types, and use cases.  Our post lists reasons and key trends underlyingContinue reading “Supercharging Your Data and AI Platforms”


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