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Taking time series modeling and stream processing mainstream

Subscribe • Previous Issues Trends and Opportunities in Time Series Time series is an area that has given rise to publicly traded companies, a variety of open source tools, and startups that have collectively raised over a billion dollars. The global market for time series analysis software is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 11.5% from 2020 to 2027.Continue reading “Taking time series modeling and stream processing mainstream”

Data and AI job markets are slowing down

Subscribe • Previous Issues Hot technology job market is losing its sizzle If you have the right skills you’re probably still getting inundated with messages from recruiters. But beware that the overall job market is softening. We’re seeing large percentage declines (year-over-year) across a variety of data and AI keyword searches. Exceptions include “data governance” (essentially flat), DataOps, and MLflow. The numberContinue reading “Data and AI job markets are slowing down”

Embed Retrieve Win

Subscribe • Previous Issues The Vector Database Index If you work with text or images, chances are embeddings are already a key part of your machine learning and analytic pipelines. Embeddings are low-dimensional spaces into which higher-dimensional vectors can be mapped into. They can represent many kinds of data, whether a piece of text, an image or audio snippet, or a loggedContinue reading “Embed Retrieve Win”

Speech Data Processing Takes Flight

Subscribe • Previous Issues Unlocking speech and audio data with new open source tools Interest in neural networks and deep learning can be traced back to groundbreaking results in computer vision (2012) and speech recognition (2011). The number of companies working on computer vision applications is increasing, but the number of companies working on audio data is much lower, despite the factContinue reading “Speech Data Processing Takes Flight”


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