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Machine Learning at a Pegacorn

Subscribe • Previous Issues Major Tech Companies 💙 Metaverse What have popular technology news sources been covering in 2022?  Metaverse joins other hot areas (AI and cloud computing) on the list of top topics covered in 2022. By examining a variety of metrics, we identify which companies are investing in the Metaverse. Read The Post Data Exchange podcast Data Infrastructure for ComputerContinue reading “Machine Learning at a Pegacorn”

DALL·E 2 Decoded

Subscribe • Previous Issues Guide to Data Annotation and Synthetic Data We recently examined the landscape of tools for building training datasets – specifically tools for data annotation and synthetic data generation.  Taking into account emerging trends in machine learning and artificial intelligence, we assembled guidelines to help you navigate the explosion of tools in these areas. Read The Post Data ExchangeContinue reading “DALL·E 2 Decoded”

Low-code Development Platforms

Subscribe • Previous Issues Experiment Tracking and Experiment Management Tools There are a variety of open-source and commercial tools available to support machine learning teams during the modeling phase. Experiment tracking and experiment management tools log all relevant metadata and results, and most of these tools include collaboration and visualization features to make ML experiments easier to manage and analyze. Learn whichContinue reading “Low-code Development Platforms”

Secure Machine Learning

Subscribe • Previous Issues Data Pegacorns With Kenn So of Shasta Ventures, we identify data startups with real market traction. We chose companies founded 2006 or after as it coincides with the initial release of Hadoop, the open-source technology platform that started the big data era. This is the second in a series of posts on pegacorns, private companies that have atContinue reading “Secure Machine Learning”


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