Reach new audiences with content that elevates your brand

Gradient Flow provides a unique opportunity to build brand recognition and thought leadership, increase your visibility with customers and partners, and elevate your position in your industry.

Whether you are operating at scale or starting up your business, content is a critical factor in your ongoing growth.  You need high quality content that gets your unique message out and grows the right audience for you.

Gradient Flow provides a rich array of valuable content on data, technology and business, with a focus on machine learning and AI.  Founder Ben Lorica is a highly respected data scientist, having served leading roles at O’Reilly Media (Chief Data Scientist, Program Director of the Strata Data Conference, O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference, and TensorFlow World), at Databricks, and acting as an advisor to startups.  

Gradient Flow creates content in a variety of formats on the latest topics in data, machine learning, and AI.  All content adheres to our standards for technical and editorial excellence and integrity.  Choose from a variety of content opportunities to feature your brand, including elements like sponsor logos, sponsor pages, customized content, targeted research, social media outreach, content that resides on your site or on the Gradient Flow site, and more.   

  • Blog posts and articles:  Choose a blog post, an article or a series that highlights your topic and engages your target audience.  Select from a range of topics, including use cases, next generation software, trends and more.  Gradient Flow works with you to focus the content on your specific issues and goals.  Check out a few sample Gradient Flow blog posts.   A series of unique posts or articles strengthens your brand over time related to a particular topic or theme, and increases your ability to grow your audience.
  • Surveys:  Surveys provide an emphasis on numbers and data that can highlight insights and trends that are critical to your audience.  Gradient Flow works with you to design and conduct surveys that reach your current customers and a broader audience. The final phase is a report with a detailed analysis of the survey results and key findings.
  • Reports and white papers  Reports enable a deeper look into technologies and trends that highlight your organization’s key strengths and address your customers’ needs.  Reports and white papers from your organization can solidify your standing as a thought leader and innovator on a particular topic.  Gradient Flow works with you to create a custom report or white paper that provides a comprehensive briefing on your topic.
  • Podcasts and assets:  Gradient Flow conducts interviews with technology and business leaders, to provide insight into current trends and developments with a personal touch.  Gradient Flow works with you to choose topics and focus before each podcast.  Check out some recent podcasts to understand the breadth of topics and engagement potential.   You can access an audio file and a high-quality transcript for your podcast, to maximize your audience impact.
  • Webcasts and virtual events:   Make your online events stand out from the crowd, working with Gradient Scale’s team of experienced event producers and network of respected speakers.   Build your audience through the online live event and the post-event online audience.


The Gradient Flow team has extensive experience in a variety of content, topic and event areas.  Let us help you reach your audience with a compelling message that showcases your unique tools, content and insights.  We provide consulting on these topics and more: 

  • Content and Content Marketing Strategy
  • Event Strategy, Program, Marketing, Sales and Operations
  • Data, Machine Learning, and AI Strategy
  • Competitive Analysis

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