[Last updated: 2023-05-30]

Ben Lorica is an advisor to the following startups and organizations: Databricks, Anyscale, Anodot,  AimStack,  Faculty, Ivy, Luminos.Law,  Matroid, Meaning, Metaphor Data, Visual LayerGraphistry, Yakit, and The Center for Data Intensive Science + Open Commons Consortium (University of Chicago).  Ben is an investor in Faculty, Gloo, Lamini, and Pyte.  He was also previously an advisor to Determined AI, Lattice Data,  Alluxio, Pathmind, and to DeepScale. He serves as co-chair for several leading industry conferences: the AI Conference, the NLP Summit, the Data+AI SummitRay Summit, and K1st World. He is @BigData on Twitter, on Mastodon, on Pebble, and on Post.