2022 Trends in Data and AI

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What is Graph Intelligence?

In a new post with Leo Meyerovich of Graphistry, we highlight the current state of Graph Intelligence, a new technology category undergoing a quiet revolution around tools and techniques for gathering insights around relationships in data from sources like SQL tables and logs. We introduce the term Graph Intelligence to refer to the ability to produce these insights over structured entities, values, known relationships, and inferred relationships.  The primary methods for Graph Intelligence are graph visualization and analytics and graph machine learning models (Graph AI). 

We believe that Graph Intelligence will emerge as the approach that produces the best results for many use cases within companies that continue to seek more efficient and effective ways to analyze their growing streams of data. Early adopters of Graph Intelligence will have an edge in their markets, and will be able to benefit more rapidly from new tools like GNNs coming out of the research community.

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Data Exchange podcast

  • Data and Machine Learning Platforms at Shopify: Azeem Ahmed, is Director of Engineering at Shopify, where he leads the team that builds the primitives and API’s used by all data scientists, machine learning engineers, and members of Shopify’s engineering team. We discuss their ML platform and their new data lakehouse, their growing usage of Ray, as well as specific use cases for ML and data technologies within Spotify.
  • AI Engineering: Christopher Nguyen is CEO and cofounder of Aitomatic, a startup building a platform for Industrial AI applications. Our conversation centered around what Christopher terms, AI Engineering – an emerging discipline concerned with the qualitative and quantitative design, construction, and operation of systems with artificial-intelligence capabilities.
  • The Modern Metadata Platform: What, Why, and How? Mars Lan, co-founder of Metaphor Data and a previous guest on the podcast, is the lead author in this must-read post on what the Modern Metadata Platform is, why it is needed in the first place, and how to build a great MMP.

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