2023 AI Conference

The AI Conference is taking place in San Francisco next week, September 26-27. This in-person, vendor-neutral event offers a deep dive into a vibrant AI community, featuring engaging talks and interactive sessions.

We have a diverse range of sessions that cover both the breadth and depth of AI. You’ll hear about the latest research and industry trends from experts at UC Berkeley, Stanford, Google, NVIDIA, Anthropic, Meta, Hugging Face, Anyscale, Cerebras, Stability AI, and many more. Our speakers include creators of some of the most popular services and frameworks in AI today.

The conference will delve into the challenges of productionizing AI, Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs). We’ll explore alignment and risk mitigation, and gain insights from practitioners across various industries. But we’re not just focusing on Generative AI and LLMs. We’ll also have talks on computer vision, recommendation systems, and speech technologies.

And if you’re interested in the business side of AI, we have you covered. There will be talks on the challenges of harnessing the power of AI, especially as we scale and integrate it into the heart of businesses worldwide. We’ll have perspectives from researchers as well as from leading investors and venture capitalists, discussing AI trends and investment strategies.

The conference is also a fantastic networking opportunity. You’ll get to meet other members of the AI community, including the speakers at the conference. I can’t wait to see you there, to learn, share, and network in this vibrant AI community.

The inaugural  AI Conference takes place next week in San Francisco (Sep 26-27).

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