Data Analysis on Streams

If you’re struggling with analyzing streaming data, I have just the event for you. I’ll be hosting a webcast on June 12th, featuring Mikio Braun, co-founder of streamdrill:

Analyzing real-time data poses special kinds of challenges, such as dealing with large event rates, aggregating activities for millions of objects in parallel, and processing queries with subsecond latency. In addition, the set of available tools and approaches to deal with streaming data is currently highly fragmented.

In this webcast, Mikio Braun will discuss building reliable and efficient solutions for real-time data analysis, including approaches that rely on scaling–both batch-oriented (such as MapReduce), and stream-oriented (such as Apache Storm and Apache Spark). He will also focus on use of approximative algorithms (used heavily in streamdrill) for counting, trending, and outlier detection.

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