Experimentation Tools; Surge in MLOps; 2021 Books

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  • Modern Experimentation PlatformsChe Sharma is the founder and CEO of Eppo, an experimentation framework that integrates with modern data platforms (lakehouses and cloud data warehouses). Investors and engineers have created an abundance of companies that specialize in ML infrastructure and MLOps, while applications like experimentation have received little attention. The reason isn’t ignorance: numerous books have extolled the virtues of experimentation. The reality is that most data teams live primarily in the world of reporting (with a sprinkling of ML models). Companies that are able to make experimentation more accessible end up with data and product teams that have a more intimate connection to metrics and KPIs.
  • NLP and AI in Financial ServicesAnshul Pandey is the CTO and co-founder of Accern, a startup helping financial services companies build and deploy AI applications via a no-code platform. Our conversation focused on the specific challenges of building AI and NLP applications within financial services, an industry that has long been one of the early adopters of AI and data technologies.


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With the end-of-year holidays upon us, let me close by sharing a few books and longreads I enjoyed this year:

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