Gradient Flow #24: Robots Are Listening, Funding Updates, Security for the Disoriented

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“The character of a building like that of a man, is not its outward appearance but rather what’s inside.” – Merrell Vories Hitotsuyanagi

Data Exchange podcast

  • Security and privacy for the disoriented   In this episode I speak with Dan Geer, Senior Fellow at In-Q-tel and Andrew Burt, co-founder and Managing Partner of and Chief Legal Officer at Immuta. Dan is one the leading experts in cybersecurity and risk management, and he has written many influential essays on security, privacy, and risk. BNH is a new law firm focused on AI compliance and related topics.
  • Responsible AI meets Reality   Prior to starting Parity, Rumman Chowdury was Global Lead for Responsible AI at Accenture Applied Intelligence. She’s co-author of an interesting paper entitled “Where Responsible AI Meets Reality”, an ethnographic study comprised of 26 semi-structured interviews with people from nineteen organizations on four continents. 

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Machine Learning tools and infrastructure

Funding Updates

  • Einblick: Introducing Visual Data Computing   I wrote a post about a new startup based on the Northstar project out of MIT/Brown. Einblick opens up interactive analytics and machine learning to non-technical users.
  • Announcing Methaphor Data   The DataHub team from Linkedin just raised a seed round to help bring metadata management tools to companies! DataHub is the metadata backbone that has become instrumental to many of Linkedin’s data services.

  • Snowflake invests in DataRobot

[Image: Top 20 job roles in increasing and decreasing demand across industries, Future of Jobs Survey 2020, World Economic Forum.]

Work and Hiring

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