Gradient Flow #26: Multi-cloud Native, Next-gen BI and Analytics, AI Advancements

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“People get burned-out not because they’re working too hard but because they’re not feeling rewarded by the work they’re doing. They get burned-out because they believe their work has no impact. … Burnout is when the creative part of your work is dead.” – Voices from the Valley.

Data Exchange podcast

[Image taken at the Cass Sculpture Foundation, by Ben Lorica.]

Machine Learning tools and infrastructure

Funding Updates

The takeaway from this batch of funding rounds is that data management and analytics are hot:

Virtual Events

Work and Hiring

[Image: Argentina, Patagonia by jmarti20 from Pixabay]


Ewan and Charley’s previous road trips were great but their latest one is by far my favorite. Electric motorcycles, spectacular drone footage, and amazing landscapes:



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