Gradient Flow #28: Metadata, Speech Synthesis + NLU, Data Science Tools

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“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” – George Bernard Shaw

Data Exchange podcast

[Image: HapagLloyd12-Detail by Dean Wampler, used with permission.]

Machine Learning tools and infrastructure

Featured Virtual Events

  • AI Week in Tel Aviv will be free and virtual. This year’s lineup includes Fei-Fei Li, Manuela Veloso, Regina Barzilay and many other outstanding researchers.
  • Call for Speakers for Ray Summit closes Feb 24th  Join us and speak before the community of developers, machine learning practitioners, data scientists, engineers and architects interested in building scalable data and AI applications.

Funding Updates

[Image: Lau Pa Sat Hawker Center in Singapore by Lily Banse on Unsplash.]


Closing Short: One of the best things about Singapore is the Street Food, specifically the hawker centers. This short documentary paints a grim future: COVID-19 and an aging workforce pose serious challenges to the future of this unique food culture.

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