Gradient Flow #29: Business at the Speed of AI, Information Security, Trading Bubbles

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“But nothing is more opaque than absolute transparency.” – Margaret Atwood.

Data Exchange podcast

  • Towards Simple, Interpretable, and Trustworthy AI   I speak with Sheldon Fernandez, CEO at Darwin AI, and Alex Wong, Professor at the University of Waterloo, Co-Founder of DarwinAI and Euclid Labs. They recently published a series of research papers and articles introducing new tools for improving trust and transparency in deep learning.
  • The Rise of Metadata Management Systems    Assaf Araki, investment manager at Intel Capital, explains why metadata will be the foundation for data governance solutions, data catalogs, data lineage, data quality, and other enterprise data applications.

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These are insightful conversations about best practices for building Data and AI products & services. This compilation features technical leaders from Shopify, Rakuten, Bloomberg, and Fiddler.


Data & Machine Learning tools and infrastructure

Funding Updates

[Image: Lunar New Year 2021 (SF Chinatown) by Ben Lorica]


Closing Short: This short video explores Donabe, Japanese earthenware pots affectionately dubbed the “one pot wonder”.

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