Gradient Flow #32: Data Cascades, Demand for Data Engineers, Exploiting ML models

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“I would believe only in a god who could dance.” – Friedrich Nietzsche.

Data Exchange podcast

  • Machine Learning in Healthcare  I speak with Parisa Rashidi, Associate Professor at the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Director of the Intelligent Health Lab at the University of Florida. 
  • Data quality is the key to great AI products and services  Abe Gong is the CEO and co-founder at Superconductive,  a startup founded by the team behind the Great Expectations (GE) open source project. GE is one of a growing number of tools aimed at improving data quality through tools for validation and testing.

Featured Virtual Event

I am co-chair of Ray Summit, a FREE conference that brings together developers, engineers, data scientists, and architects interested in machine learning, AI, and other compute-intensive applications. The Ray community and ecosystem have significantly expanded since last year’s conference and we have another outstanding series of keynotes, talks, and tutorials for you.

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Data & Machine Learning tools and infrastructure

[Image: Flatiron Building in Shanghai, by SGL]

Funding Updates


Closing Short: If you enjoy Japanese food or Sushi, you’ll enjoy this illuminating documentary from NHK.





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