Gradient Flow #44: 2021 NLP Industry Survey Results; No-Code Overview

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“Life is like an ice cream cone. It’s melting so you better eat it before it’s too late.” – Lila.GPT3

FREE Report: 2021 NLP Industry Survey Results

Read this new report and learn how companies are building language applications today. The 2021 NLP Industry Survey was a global online survey that drew a total of 655 respondents from over fifty countries.


Data Exchange podcast

  • How To Lead In Data Science   We speak with Jike Chong and Yue Cathy Chang about their newly released field guide for data scientists at all career stages. They offer specific guidance for those who are looking to manage teams or work towards a seat at their company’s top leadership table.   
  • The unreasonable effectiveness of multiple dispatch   My annual check-in on the state of Julia with Viral Shah, Co-founder and CEO of Julia Computing.

Data & Machine Learning tools and infrastructure

  • Hugging Face NLP Datasets  An open source library that provides one-line data loaders for many public datasets, and efficient data pre-processing.
  • TextDistance   A Python library for comparing distance between two or more sequences using Hamming, Levenshtein, and many other algorithms.
  • Merlion from Salesforce, is a new open source machine learning library for time series. I’ve been using Greykite but I’m always on the lookout for time series tools, I can’t wait to try this out.
  • Introducing Ant Ray Serving    An online service framework which provides users with a serverless platform to publish Java/Python code as online services. Ant Ray Serving usage within Ant Group has reached an impressive 60,000 cores and 5,000 nodes. As of June/2021, Ant Group had the largest Ray cluster in production (200,000+ CPU cores).
  • Performance Improvements in Databricks SQL    Powered by the new native vectorized engine Photon, DB SQL lets you operate a multi-cloud lakehouse architecture.
[Image: Half Dome, Yosemite National Park from Wikimedia.]


  • Taking Low-Code and No-Code Development to the Next Level   In this new post with Assaf Araki of Intel Capital, we describe exciting new tools that aim to boost developer productivity and agility, while also expanding the pool of people who can build software applications.
  • The Future is Big Graphs   Graphs have become a key abstraction in today’s data-processing pipelines. This ACM survey – particularly the section on Ecosystems – will help you get up to speed on tools for working with graphs. 

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