Hardcore Data Science day: Strata+Hadoop World 2015

My co-organizer Ben Recht and I are proud to announce the return of Hardcore Data Science day to Strata+Hadoop World in California. We have outstanding speakers – 11 talks in total – and I expect the track to sell out (as it has done in the past).

  • Deep Learning enthusiasts will enjoy sessions on its application to speech (Tara Sainath) and vision (Fei-Fei Li)
  • One the most eminent researchers in machine learning, Michael Jordan, is giving a talk on statistical decision theory & big data. He recently participated in a reddit (Ask Me Anything) session and was profiled by IEEE Spectrum (his reaction to that piece is here).
  • Machine-learning: Maya Gupta of Google is giving a talk on interpretable & robust models, Anima Anandkumar (of UC Irvine) will discuss the use of tensors for ML, and John Canny (of UC Berkley) will describe the new BIDMach toolkit.
  • Applications: David Andrzejewski (of SumoLogic) will examine the use of Graph Mining techniques for machine data, Eamonn Keogh (of UC Riverside) will survey methods for mining large-scale time-series, and Chris Re (of Stanford) will talk about recent applications of the DeepDive knowledge base framework.
  • John Myles White will explain why data scientists should consider the Julia programming language, and Alyosha Efros will outline recent progress in Visual Data Mining techniques.

Reserve your spot and sign up soon!

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