Hardcore Data Science, NYC 2015

Ben Recht and I hosted another great edition of Hardcore Data Science in NYC yesterday. From the very first talk, the room was full, the audience was attentive, and the energy in the room was high – and it remained that way throughout the day. A summary can be found below.

Short detour: Stanford CS Professor Chris Ré, was just awarded a MacArthur (“Genius”) Fellowship. He has spoken at Strata twice, most recently at Hardcore Data Science (California, 2015). He is a close collaborator of Hardcore Data Science co-organizer Ben Recht. Chris has most recently worked on DeepDive – a probabilistic inference engine used for large-scale structured data extraction.  For more on DeepDive jump to minute 23:50 of this recent episode of the O’Reilly Data Show featuring Mike Cafarella (Chris’ co-founder at ClearCutAnalytics).

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