Machine Learning at a Pegacorn

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Major Tech Companies 💙 Metaverse

What have popular technology news sources been covering in 2022?  Metaverse joins other hot areas (AI and cloud computing) on the list of top topics covered in 2022. By examining a variety of metrics, we identify which companies are investing in the Metaverse.

Data Exchange podcast

  • Data Infrastructure for Computer Vision: Danny Bickson and Amir Alush are the creators of fastdup, an impressive free tool for surfacing duplicates, anomalies, and leakage in computer vision data. We discuss the state of data management and data quality tools for computer vision, what’s next for fastdup,  and they hint at other tools they plan to build.
  • Machine Learning at Gong: Omri Allouche is Head of Research at Gong, a company that uses advances in NLP and speech models to identify and highlight risks and opportunities during customer interactions.  This is the first in a series of conversations with leaders at AI Pegacorns, startups that have at least $100 million in annual revenue.

Metadata Platforms for Modern Data Stacks

“Your metadata can be as large and as complex as your data and deserve to be treated with the same respect.”  – Mars Lan, co-founder of Metaphor Data

Scaling Machine Learning and AI

Ray Summit is two weeks away. Come mingle with the top minds in AI and learn how leading companies build and manage large-scale machine learning services. Listed below are some of the organizations presenting at the conference.

In-person Ray Summit passes are only $75 with the discount code Ben25

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Data & Machine Learning Tools and Infrastructure

Tree-based learners outperform neural network-based learners on tabular data: I’ve played with deep learning for time series and tabular data but I always end up using other types of models. Many ML teams share my experience. Here’s strong empirical evidence based on 45 tabular datasets from various domains.

Using Transformers to cluster the 1,000+ papers at ICML 2022: The top machine learning conferences have gotten too large to navigate. Zeta Alpha recently released an automated conference overview, which I found quite useful.

[Zeta Alpha’s clusters of papers from ICML 2022; image by Ben Lorica]

Responsible and Trustworthy AI

Come join me, Andrew Burt (Managing Partner at, and Bob Friday (Chief AI Officer at Juniper) for a lively discussion about Responsible and Trustworthy AI on Twitter Spaces:

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