Scikit-Learn 0.16

I’ll be hosting a webcast featuring two of the key contributors to what is arguably one of the most popular machine learning tools today – scikit-learn:

News from Scikit-Learn 0.16 and Soon-To-Be Gems for the Next Release
presented by: Olivier Grisel, Andreas Mueller

This webcast will review Scikit-learn, a widely used open source machine learning library in python, and discuss some of the new features of the recent 0.16 release. Highlights of the last release include new algorithms such as approximate nearest neighbors search, Birch clustering and a path algorithm for logistic regression, probability calibration, as well as improved ease of use and interoperability with the Pandas library. We will also highlight some up-and-coming contributions, such as Latent Dirichlet Allocation, supervised neural networks, and a complete revamping of the Gaussian Process module.

In addition, Olivier will be leading what promises to be a popular tutorial at Strata+Hadoop World in London in early May.

scikit-learn webcast and tutorial

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