Towards an infinite laptop

The new Anyscale platform offers the ease of development on a laptop combined with the power of the cloud. During a series of short keynotes at the Ray Summit this morning, Anyscale1, the company formed by the creators of Ray, publicly shared their initial product offering. Dubbed the “infinite laptop”,  Anyscale’s platform allows developers toContinue reading “Towards an infinite laptop”

You’ll want Nexar’s newly released Live Map for your city

Extracting and exposing valuable insights to enable smart cities and many other applications. I recently had the privilege of getting a preview of Nexar’s Live Map, from my friend, Nexar’s CTO and co-founder Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz. Nexar uses off-the-shelf smartphones and dash-cams, sophisticated data ingestion, data processing, sensor fusion, and machine learning software to realize theirContinue reading “You’ll want Nexar’s newly released Live Map for your city”

PredictionIO: an open source machine learning server

PredictionIO a startup that produces an open source machine learning server, has raised a seed round of $2.5M. The company’s engine allows developers to quickly integrate machine learning into products and services. The company’s machine learning server is open source, and is available on Amazon Web Services. As an open source package, the company hopesContinue reading “PredictionIO: an open source machine learning server”