Beijing Restaurants: Strata 2016

Here’s a partial list of the many memorable restaurants we visited in Beijing during the week of Strata 2016: Sichuan Provincial Government Restaurant (Chuan Ban): The office canteen of the Sichuan provincial government office in Beijing. We went here twice! Once on our own (via a local search engine), the second time was with aContinue reading “Beijing Restaurants: Strata 2016”

Tricycle Diaries

On a recent visit to the Philippines, I found myself gawking at two iconic modes of (public) transportation, the tricycle and the jeepney. They remain major sources of gridlock, chaos, and pollution, and many local residents would love to see them banned from the streets of Metro Manila. I doubt that will happen anytime soon,Continue reading “Tricycle Diaries”

Kuala Lumpur and Malacca City

The week before Strata+Hadoop World in Singapore, we snuck up the Malaysia for a quick vacation. The food in Malaysia – particularly at hawker (food) courts – was outstanding. We stayed in Petaling Jaya (“PJ”) an area that young professionals and families seem to favor. Below are some highlights: Just rolled into … Kuala LumpurContinue reading “Kuala Lumpur and Malacca City”

Singapore Eats

This year marks the debut of Strata+Hadoop World in Singapore, and I decided to spend most of this week checking out the city and visiting with friends. Below are some of the places that I’ll be recommending to friends and Strata attendees: After some A/B testing, I lean towards white pepper crabs – isContinue reading “Singapore Eats”