The AI Conference: Bridge the gap between research and practice

I am elated to announce my role as Program Chair for The AI Conference, a unique event designed to bridge the gap between research and practical applications. While I have continued to serve as co-chair and program committee member for numerous AI and Data conferences since taking a hiatus from events, this will be my first time chairing an event since 2019. I am thrilled to join forces with the creators of MLConf, one of my favorite conferences to attend before the pandemic. Our inaugural, unmissable event in San Francisco is scheduled for September 25-26.

We currently find ourselves in an extraordinary era of AI application development. The rate of innovation is genuinely unparalleled. However, it is crucial for teams to strike a delicate balance between rapidly building applications and diligently maintaining a responsible approach to ensure the most positive outcomes.

The AI Conference, is a vendor-neutral event, providing participants with the opportunity to network and engage with prominent researchers and practitioners. Attendees will learn about the latest developer tools, platforms, and data sources while exploring real-world applications and use cases across various domains.

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We are actively seeking speakers with expertise in diverse areas, including the implementation of AI in real-world systems across industries such as healthcare, finance, manufacturing, retail, media, and e-commerce. We are also interested in speakers who are knowledgeable about model development, deployment, and the use of cutting-edge developer tools and platforms for creating AI solutions.

We encourage you to submit a talk and we welcome your suggestions for topics or speakers that would enrich our inaugural conference. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me personally with any questions or recommendations. We look forward to hearing from you.

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