2022 Identity Management Survey Report

By Gradient Flow.

The Identity Management Survey ran online in February/March 2022. Over 500 respondents from a variety of industries participated.. This survey was conducted in collaboration1 with Clear Skye.

The proliferation of software services and platforms comes at a time when security threats and data breaches continue to grow. In addition, regulatory pressure and organizational demands are increasing on business leaders and IT departments to protect access to corporate data and resources.

  • Multiple Identity Management Vendors: Over half of respondents with IT Job Functions indicated that they work with several vendors for identity governance, risk, compliance, single sign-on, PAM, and/or security operations.
  • AI and ML: Two-thirds of survey respondents indicated that their company uses AI and machine learning to improve identity management.
  • Principal Identity Management Challenge: User Experience (UX) topped the list of challenges across most segments.

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2022 Identity Management Survey
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[1] This survey is part of a collaboration between Gradient Flow and Clear Skye. See our Statement of Editorial Independence.
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