2021 NLP Survey Report

By Ben Lorica and Paco Nathan. Our 2021 NLP Industry Survey report is informed by several important contrasts: organizations with years of history deploying NLP applications in production compared to those which are exploring NLP, responses from Technical Leaders versus general practitioners, and company size. We draw insights and indicate trends based on those contrasts.Continue reading “2021 NLP Survey Report”

2021 AI in Healthcare Survey Report

By Ben Lorica and Paco Nathan. Applications of AI in Healthcare ​pose a number of challenges and considerations which differ substantially from other business verticals. We conducted an industry survey specifically about AI in healthcare, to understand more about current trends and issues. A total of 373 respondents from 49 countries participated in the survey.Continue reading “2021 AI in Healthcare Survey Report”

2021 Business at the Speed of AI Report

By Ben Lorica and Jenn Webb. In this report, we consult with industry leaders who have extensive experience implementing AI technologies. They share insights and clear, practical advice gathered from building and managing world-class AI teams delivering some of the most widely used AI products. The big takeaway is that, with efficient and effective approaches,Continue reading “2021 Business at the Speed of AI Report”

2021 Trends Report: Data, Machine Learning, and AI

By Ben Lorica, Mikio Braun, Jenn Webb. At the beginning of each year, we take stock of the year’s technological developments in areas around big data, analytics, machine learning, and AI. We identify trends and share our predictions for where we’ll see growth and development in the coming year. Here are some of the topicsContinue reading “2021 Trends Report: Data, Machine Learning, and AI”

NLP Survey Results: An Overview

The term “NLP”—or natural language processing—encompasses a wide range of business use cases that are mostly text based. Consider that people use text to record and transmit their communications in general, and, as such, it’s one of the most widely available and “interoperable” data formats. While some industry sectors such as finance and healthcare haveContinue reading “NLP Survey Results: An Overview”

2020 NLP Survey Report

By Ben Lorica and Paco Nathan. Learn how Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies are being used today—the 2020 NLP Survey Report includes a detailed analysis of NLP technologies being implemented by businesses, budgets, trends, widely used tools and cloud platforms, and common use cases. The online survey ran for 41 days (July 5 to AugustContinue reading “2020 NLP Survey Report”