2023 Trends And Themes: Data, Machine Learning, AI

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2022: A Brief Retrospective Analysis

The Job Market

It’s no secret that the tech industry has been hit hard during this economic downturn, with job postings in major tech hubs across the U.S. dropping significantly in Q4. Despite this, it’s not all bad news – we saw an increase in demand for skilled professionals in areas like MLOps and MLflow, which focus on the effective use of machine learning in businesses.

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Despite the downturn in the tech sector, it’s clear that companies are still eager to hire top technical talent. However, job seekers should be aware that many recruitment teams have been hit by layoffs, which may lead to a slower hiring process. In the coming months, it will be especially important for job seekers to leverage their personal networks in order to uncover job opportunities.

Financial Markets and Young Data Management Companies

Last year was a disaster for stocks, and some promising young companies in the data infrastructure sector saw their value plummet in 2022. These are the 2022 stock market performances of a few newly public companies that produce tools used by data engineers, and the results are dismal:

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Across the board, technology assets took a beating in both public and private markets, and cryptocurrencies were no exception. Bitcoin, for example, saw a staggering 64% decrease in 2022. Some private companies, like Klarna, Stripe, and Thoughtspot, also saw their internal valuations drop significantly, with Klarna experiencing an 84% drop, Stripe a 63% drop, and Thoughtspot a 42% drop, according to the Financial Times. Despite facing challenges in 2022, these three startups have proven their resilience and determination, and we look forward to seeing them bounce back over the next year.

2022 Chatter: Technology Press

Startup funding rounds remained a prominent topic of discussion, with the acquisition of Twitter and the resulting turmoil under new ownership garnering significant attention. Prior to the cryptocurrency market crashes and failures, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) generated considerable media coverage. The shortage of semiconductors and shifts in investment and geopolitics eventually brought hardware and chips to the forefront of attention. While AI did receive media coverage, with DALL-E and chatGPT being notable examples, it was overshadowed by other topics.

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2022 Chatter among Developers and Technologists

In conclusion, it is evident that readers on developer-centric news sites were highly engaged with several key topics, including the cryptocurrency market crash and the FTX controversy. However, they also demonstrated a strong interest in developments related to artificial intelligence and data. It is worth noting that developers were not shy about discussing and engaging with significant global events, such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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