Generative AI in Action: How Developers Utilize AI/ML Tools across Tasks

This series of charts, extracted from a recent Stack Overflow Developer Survey, provides insights into developers and technologists’ attitudes and behaviors towards AI/ML tools across various professional tasks and experience levels. One central theme that stands out across the dataset is the prevalence and acceptance of AI/ML tools for writing code. Regardless of the experienceContinue reading “Generative AI in Action: How Developers Utilize AI/ML Tools across Tasks”

Recent Signals from the Thriving LLM Job Market

The LLM job market is thriving, particularly in sectors such as technology, finance, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biotech, media, entertainment, and academia. Considering the emerging interest from businesses operating in regulated sectors, such as financial services and healthcare/pharmaceuticals, startups developing LLM tools should prioritize the integration of enterprise features. These features include robust privacy and security measures,Continue reading “Recent Signals from the Thriving LLM Job Market”

At A Glance: Tech Industry Job Postings Drop in Q4 of 2022

Despite Downturn, Demand for MLOps and MLflow Professionals on the Rise. It’s no secret that the tech industry has been hit hard during this economic downturn, with job postings in major tech hubs across the U.S. dropping significantly in Q4. Despite this, it’s not all bad news – we saw an increase in demand forContinue reading “At A Glance: Tech Industry Job Postings Drop in Q4 of 2022”

2023 Trends And Themes: Data, Machine Learning, AI

Subscribe • Previous Issues FREE Report: 2023 Opportunities and Trends In our annual report, we’ve compiled the most important information on the cutting-edge trends in data infrastructure, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. It’s a must-read for anyone who wants to stay informed on the key issues shaping these fields. With 13 sections covering everything from the latestContinue reading “2023 Trends And Themes: Data, Machine Learning, AI”

At A Glance: Stock Prices of Major Automakers in 2022

We plot the movement in stock prices of a few major automobile manufacturers (through 2022-12-30). Time-series were normalized to have the same starting value of 100. It’s been a tough year, particularly for Tesla: Percentage Change (end of 2021 to 2022-12-30) ranged from a slight gain of 1.7% for BMW, to a 65% decline inContinue reading “At A Glance: Stock Prices of Major Automakers in 2022”

Confidential Computing and Machine Learning

Measuring the popularity and exploring the readiness of Confidential Computing tools. In order to have a comprehensive data protection and privacy policy, organizations must ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data in these states: at rest, in use, and in transit. We previously reviewed the ecosystem of tools for protecting data while in use.Continue reading “Confidential Computing and Machine Learning”

Tech companies are gearing up for the Metaverse

Major technology companies are investing in the Metaverse. Enterprises should take early action to stay ahead of the curve. In the aughts, I was a user and proponent of earlier versions of virtual worlds (specifically of Second Life). Unfortunately, the technology was clunky and the user base never really grew beyond a few hundred thousandContinue reading “Tech companies are gearing up for the Metaverse”

The Business Intelligence Index

Measuring the popularity of BI tools In a recent post on trends in machine learning, we predicted that there will be more no-code/low-code ML tools available to non-programmers. The potential market for such tools is immense given that the number of analysts dwarf the number of data scientists and data engineers. Due to improvements inContinue reading “The Business Intelligence Index”

Distributed Computing for AI: A Status Report

An update on the central role of distributed computing in modern AI. By Ben Lorica and Kenn So. In our previous post we introduced a class of AI startups (“pegacorns”) that have at least $100 million in annual revenue. Many of the AI pegacorns sell applications rather than infrastructure, and many of their founders citedContinue reading “Distributed Computing for AI: A Status Report”