Deep Learning for Hackers

How do you get started using Deep Learning? In a previous post, I noted how many of the tools and best practices are locked away in “oral traditions” shared among practitioners. But recently, open source tools have made Deep Learning somewhat more accessible to hackers. In an upcoming webcast, I’m hosting noted hacker and startup founder Pete Warden as he gives an overview of some of the more popular tools in computer vision:

There have been big improvements in image analysis over the last few years thanks to the adoption of deep learning neural networks to solve vision problems, but figuring out how to get started with them isn’t easy.

In this webcast Pete Warden will walk through some popular open-source tools from the academic world, and show you step-by-step how to process images with them. Starting right from downloading the source and data, setting up the dependencies and environment, compiling, and then executing the libraries as part of a program, you’ll be shown how to solve your own computer vision problems.

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