Gradient Flow #19: AI in Finance, Infinite Laptops, Software 2.0

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“The future will always be uncharted but it is made by those active enough to explore it, with the stamina and imagination not to give up on themselves or each other.” – Margaret Heffernan.

Data Exchange podcast

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Machine Learning tools and infrastructure

  • Towards an infinite laptop   My article on the recently announced Anyscale platform describes something I’ve long wanted: a tool that offers the ease of development on a laptop combined with the power of the cloud. With Anyscale, I get to keep using my favorite libraries and VS code, and seamlessly scale when I need to.
  • Unpacking Software 2.0   With demand for developers far exceeding supply, companies are looking for tools that can boost the productivity of their developers. In this recent post with my friend Assaf Araki of Intel Capital, we examine companies who are building tools for automating various aspects of software development.
  • A brief survey of data catalogs from Big Tech data teams
  • 2020 State of AI Report

Virtual Conferences

Work and Hiring

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  • The Hype Machine    This new book by Sinan Aral is essential reading for anyone wanting to understand social media. It’s a primer on many key topics including personalization and mass persuasion, hypersocialization, and the attention economy. Sinan is an academic, an entrepreneur, and an investor and he is able to bring all these perspectives to bear throughout the book.
  • Social Media Analysis Toolkit  A new open source tool that uses a series of data visualizations to unpack what’s being said on Twitter, Reddit, 4chan, and 8chan. With the elections right around the corner, this comes at just the right time for those of us based in the U.S. 
  • Feels Good Man   This award-winning documentary about the Internet meme Pepe the Frog follows artist Matt Furie and includes scenes from San Francisco in the mid-aughts. Lovable Pepe was co-opted by the alt right  and turned into something Matt never intended him to be. This film also serves as a great introduction to meme culture, message boards, and the world of illustrators. I recommend this highly!

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