Gradient Flow #20: Ethical Algorithms, Knowledge Graphs, Secure Communication

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“We know that the ‘superspreaders’ and ‘superconsumers’ of fake news, who drive the concentration in these samples, are mostly bots.  – Sinan Aral

Data Exchange podcast

  • Building and deploying knowledge graphs  Mayank Kejriwal is one of the leading experts on knowledge graphs. We discussed the critical role knowledge graphs play in modern AI applications, and tools developers can use to get started.
  • Making Deep Learning more Accessible  I caught up with Piero Molino, creator of Ludwig, a toolbox that allows users to train and test deep learning models through a declarative interface. Piero created Ludwig while serving as a Senior Research Scientist at Uber AI, but it quickly turned into a tool also used by developers and practitioners.

[Image: Former French Concession in Shanghai, photo by Ben Lorica]

Machine Learning tools and infrastructure

Virtual Conferences

Work and Hiring

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  • Split-second phantom attacks against autonomous driving systems   Researchers embedded phantom road signs into an advertisement presented on a digital billboard and fooled recent software systems from Tesla and Mobileye. A split-second phantom attack is a phantom (e.g., a Stop sign) that appears for a few milliseconds.
  • Transparency and reproducibility in artificial intelligence   A group of researchers penned an open letter expressing concern about the lack of reproducibility in AI research. They were prompted by a Google Health study that presented a model that supposedly outperformed human radiologists in a breast cancer screening task. Ironically, the letter by the concerned scientists is behind a paywall! Here are a couple of articles summarizing its contents ([1], [2]). 
  • Agents of Chaos  This two-part documentary series delves into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election. 
  • New Yorker profile of Moxie Marlinspike, the founder of the end-to-end encrypted messaging service Signal. I’ve been an avid user of Signal for years and I’ve used it all over the world including in China. If I can get my friends and family overseas to ditch whatsapp I would be very happy!

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