Injecting Software Engineering Practices and Rigor into Data Governance

The Data Exchange Podcast: Steve Touw on why data governance needs to go from the boardroom into code.

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As the amount and importance of data grows within organizations, there is growing interest in tools that enable them to strategically utilize, manage, and unlock their data resources. This week’s guest1 is Steven (Steve) Touw, cofounder and CTO of Immuta, a startup that builds tools that help companies address data governance, data discovery, data privacy and security. Our conversation included recent trends in data access governance, data engineering (including highlights from Immuta’s recent data engineering survey), and emerging topics such as DataOps and data cascades.

For more on my conversation with Steve Touw, visit the episode notes on The Data Exchange.

[1] This post and episode are part of a collaboration between Gradient Flow and Immuta. See our statement of editorial independence.