2023 Ray Summit Preview

Ray Summit is an indispensable event for anyone keen on delving into Ray’s significant role in many AI and machine learning platforms. Next week’s summit will showcase talks from leading experts, hands-on workshops, and opportunities for networking. For those eager to be at the cutting edge of AI innovations and applications, missing this summit isn’t an option. Here’s a preview of some key technical presentations.

Ray’s Role in AI and Machine Learning Platforms

Instacart will unveil its next-gen ML Training Platform built on Ray, emphasizing the optimization of their personalization ranker model. Netflix will highlight the benefits of Ray for streamlining heterogeneous training clusters, detailing its automated resource allocation capabilities.

JP Morgan will delve into the realm of time-series forecasting, showcasing the power of Ray in navigating the unpredictable terrains of financial markets. This in-depth analysis will demonstrate how they harness Ray’s strengths for robust forecasting in an environment filled with non-stationary variables.

Pinterest and LinkedIn will share insights from their journey integrating Ray, from bolstering ML innovations to refining deep learning platforms. Google will discuss adapting Ray to meet enterprise demands, while Niantic will explain Ray’s role in designing immersive augmented reality content.

Lockheed Martin will introduce their AI Factory: an ecosystem for developing AI solutions. They will emphasize Ray’s capabilities in workload distribution and highlight their initiative in training complex models while bolstering Ray’s security for optimal efficiency. Concurrently, Spotify will share their experience in constructing a Ray-centric platform, underscoring improved developer experience.

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Ray for Generative AI and LLMs

The conference will showcase Ray’s influential role in Generative AI and LLMs.

Anyscale will present Ray Serve as a critical tool for LLM deployment. Groundbreaking features like continuous batching, fine-grained autoscaling, and model parallel inference will be introduced, promising more efficient deployment of models.

In addition, Anyscale will compare Llama 2 to heavyweights like ChatGPT, providing insights into the future of open-source LLMs and the anticipated quality and cost implications. They will walk attendees through the intricacies of open-source versus proprietary LLMs.

LlamaIndex will present strategies for crafting resilient LLM software and will underscore its synergies with Ray. Airbnb will hint at optimizing LLM training, emphasizing projected developer productivity and cost efficiencies.

Meta will explore Ray’s potential in strengthening open-source models, while Intel will address challenges in GenAI scaling, offering an enterprise perspective. As a final note, Lepton AI will discuss Ray’s role in developing fast, Python-centric AI tools.

Use Cases

Pioneers like LinkedIn, DoorDash, Verizon, and BASF have embedded Ray into their core operations. LinkedIn will discuss leveraging Ray in managing complex machine learning workflows. DoorDash will share their experience with Ray, highlighting scalability and cost solutions. Verizon will shed light on crafting their innovative Pathways Recommender System (PaRS). BASF will introduce their advanced Ray-based in-memory graph computational platform, spotlighting its impact on modeling Knowledge Graphs.

Ant Group will shed light on the architecture of their large-scale online serverless platform, which is powered by Ray. Zoox will explore autonomous driving, with Ray playing a central role in enhancing their algorithmic approaches.

Take advantage of this unique chance to gain insights directly from researchers, industry experts, and practitioners. See you at Ray Summit next week!

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