Bits from the Data Store

Semi-regular field notes from the world of data (gathered from Scifoo 2014): Filtergraph and the power of visual exploration: A web-based tool for exploring high-dimensional data sets, Filtergraph came out of the lab of Astrophysicist Keivan Stassun. It has helped researchers make several interesting discoveries including a paper (that appeared in Nature) on a techniqueContinue reading “Bits from the Data Store”

No single DBMS will meet all your needs

Only a few years ago many companies that I encountered used MySQL (or Postgres) for everything! Folks got things to work, but had problems running simple queries against their big data sets. Shortly after that a new generation of MPP database startups came along (Greenplum, Asterdata, Netezza), then a flurry of NoSQL databases, and HadoopContinue reading “No single DBMS will meet all your needs”