Network structure and dynamics in online social systems

Understanding information cascades, viral content, and significant relationships. [A version of this post appears on the O’Reilly Radar blog.] I rarely work with social network data, but I’m familiar with the standard problems confronting data scientists who work in this area. These include questions pertaining to network structure, viral content, and the dynamics of informationContinue reading “Network structure and dynamics in online social systems”

Bits from the Data Store

Semi-regular field notes from the world of data (gathered from Scifoo 2014): Filtergraph and the power of visual exploration: A web-based tool for exploring high-dimensional data sets, Filtergraph came out of the lab of Astrophysicist Keivan Stassun. It has helped researchers make several interesting discoveries including a paper (that appeared in Nature) on a techniqueContinue reading “Bits from the Data Store”

Network Science Dashboards

Networks graphs can be used as primary visual objects with conventional charts used to supply detailed views [A version of this post appears on the O’Reilly Data blog.] With Network Science well on its way to being an established academic discipline, we’re beginning to see tools that leverage it. Applications that draw heavily from thisContinue reading “Network Science Dashboards”