Bits from the Data Store

Semi-regular field notes from the world of data: Michael Jordan (“ask me anything”): The distinguished machine learning and Bayesian researcher from UC Berkeley’s AMPLab has an interesting perspective on machine learning and statistics. … while I do think of neural networks as one important tool in the toolbox, I find myself surprisingly rarely going toContinue reading “Bits from the Data Store”

Scaling up Data Frames

New frameworks for interactive business analysis and advanced analytics fuel the rise in tabular data objects [A version of this post appears on the O’Reilly Radar blog.] Long before the advent of “big data”, analysts were building models using tools like R (and its forerunners S/S-PLUS). Productivity hinged on tools that made data wrangling, dataContinue reading “Scaling up Data Frames”

What I use for data visualization

[A version of this post appears on the O’Reilly Data blog.] Depending on the nature of the problem, data size, and deliverable, I still draw upon an array of tools for data visualization. As I survey the Design track at next month’s Strata conference, I see creators and power users of visualization tools that manyContinue reading “What I use for data visualization”