One Simple Chart: Correlated Technologies

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A February/2020 survey from Stack Overflow clustered together tools into groups that tend to be used by the same developers. Here are some observations from the perspective of a data and machine learning enthusiast:

  • Python is the language for machine learning ⇢ Aside from Python web frameworks (Flask, Django), Python is in a cluster that includes machine learning and data science tools.
  • Scala is in a cluster with distributed computing frameworks, Spark and Hadoop.
  • SQL is the node that connects a cluster of web development tools to a cluster of Microsoft technologies.
  • MySQL and MariaDB  are in a cluster comprised of web development tools, PostgresSQL is in the IT Infrastructure cluster.
  • SQLite is in a cluster comprised of tools for mobile application development.

Image: Correlated Technologies, from 2020 Stack Overflow survey

As far as compensation goes, Python finished somewhere in the middle of the pack. Developers who use other programming languages (Scala, Go, Objective-C) had higher median salaries in the US and Globally.

Image: What Languages Are Associated with the Highest Salaries in the U.S.?, Median salaries from 2020 Stack Overflow survey

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