One Simple Chart: Correlated Technologies

NLP in industry survey: We want to find out how people are using NLP, what tools they are using, and what challenges they face. Please take 5 minutes to fill out our survey and pass it along to your friends and colleagues. A February/2020 survey from Stack Overflow clustered together tools into groups that tendContinue reading “One Simple Chart: Correlated Technologies”

One Simple Chart: most companies use multiple cloud providers

Using more than one cloud service – or going multicloud– is increasingly the norm. I looked through six different surveys with release dates ranging from May/2019 to May/2020. The results consistently show that a vast majority of respondents worked at companies that use multiple cloud providers. This is consistent with the results of earlier surveysContinue reading “One Simple Chart: most companies use multiple cloud providers”

One Simple Chart: News Consumption in the US

A recent AAAS study – Evaluating the fake news problem at the scale of the information ecosystem – contained interesting data on news consumption in the US. Only a small share of minutes (14%) of total media consumption (Online and TV) is spent on news: The goal of the study was to put fake newsContinue reading “One Simple Chart: News Consumption in the US”

One Simple Chart: Technology and Automation in E-Commerce

With consumer spending shifting to e-commerce, I revisited recent surveys of executives in the e-commerce space. These surveys took place prior to the pandemic and included questions on technology spending and initiatives. A March 2020 survey from YOTTAA included data on investments plans and it includes terms that might not be familiar to those outsideContinue reading “One Simple Chart: Technology and Automation in E-Commerce”

One Simple Chart: China’s public investment in AI

Countries around the world view AI and machine learning as critical to modernizing their economies and their militaries. Two countries seem to hold an advantage over the rest: the US and China. A 2018 book by Kai-Fu Lee described the relative strengths of these two countries which includes things like access to large consumer marketsContinue reading “One Simple Chart: China’s public investment in AI”

One simple chart: Demand for Machine Learning Engineers

I started hearing the job role of “machine learning engineer” a few years ago. In mid 2017 we wrote a post describing the role that we were observing in a few companies mainly in the technology sector. At the time, companies were carving out a new role focused on making machine learning and data scienceContinue reading “One simple chart: Demand for Machine Learning Engineers”

One Simple Chart: Spark NLP goes international

About a year ago, I posted a chart that showed the geographic distribution of users of Spark NLP, an open source, natural language processing library built on top of Apache Spark. With the recent release of version 2.5, Spark NLP now provides support for 14 new languages (more languages than any other open-source library). IContinue reading “One Simple Chart: Spark NLP goes international”

One simple chart: online learning platforms

With most of us spending most of our time at home, I was curious to see how “shelter at home” orders translated to traffic to various online learning platforms. I looked at nine online learning platforms and on average, traffic jumped 62% from March to April 20201: Visits to Pluralsight surged in April (up 189%Continue reading “One simple chart: online learning platforms”