One Simple Chart: most companies use multiple cloud providers

Using more than one cloud service – or going multicloud– is increasingly the norm. I looked through six different surveys with release dates ranging from May/2019 to May/2020. The results consistently show that a vast majority of respondents worked at companies that use multiple cloud providers. This is consistent with the results of earlier surveys that I helped create which were conducted in 2017/2018.

Notes and References:

    • Flexera: 93% have a multi-cloud strategy; 87%have a hybrid cloud strategy; On average, respondents use 2.2 public and 2.2 private clouds.
    • BPI Network: Improving multi-cloud security is seen as their most critical challenge, followed by a lack of multi-cloud talent and expertise.
    • IDC: 81% use multiple public clouds and one or more private or dedicated clouds; 11 percent use multiple private or dedicated clouds.
    • IBM: 76% of the organisations surveyed reported that they were already using from two to 15 hybrid clouds.

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Here is an alternative view:

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