Recent Signals from the Thriving LLM Job Market

The LLM job market is thriving, particularly in sectors such as technology, finance, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biotech, media, entertainment, and academia. Considering the emerging interest from businesses operating in regulated sectors, such as financial services and healthcare/pharmaceuticals, startups developing LLM tools should prioritize the integration of enterprise features. These features include robust privacy and security measures, efficient access control, and comprehensive auditability, among others.

Prospective hires are expected to have a blend of expertise in NLP, AI, software engineering & protocols, scalable API solutions, and industry-specific knowledge. People who demonstrate a proven ability to manage technological risks, navigate issues related to data quality and training data, understand user interface design, and harness AI, all while effectively communicating with a wide range of audiences, are in high demand. Employers prioritize not only technological acumen, but also a commitment to responsible AI, sustainability, and trust.

U.S. job postings over the past month that mention “large language models”; Data from LinkedIn.

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